Federal Criminal

Experienced attorneys represent our clients who are charged with violating federal laws. In recent times, federal prosecutors and law enforcement have expanded the realm of federal jurisdiction to include many types of offenses that previously had been under the domain of local State prosecutors. Federal prosecutions are generally more complex than are State court prosecutions and include the added factor of the federal sentencing guidelines. These guidelines prescribe the sentencing range for persons convicted either after trial or by guilty plea and they include many factors that will enhance the convicted defendant’s sentencing range.

We have handled many types of federal prosecutions, including money laundering and structuring of cash transactions, wire and mail fraud, tax evasion, violations of the drug laws, conspiracy cases, robbery, violation of the Hobbes Act (crimes that affect interstate commerce), sex offenses, immigration crimes and deportation proceedings based on convictions of crimes, as well as appeals from convictions of federal offenses.

In many federal prosecutions, especially those involving white collar crimes, federal law enforcement generally conduct extensive investigations and will often seek to interview persons involved in the suspected criminal activity. It is important that any person who the law enforcement seeks to interview consult with an attorney prior to talking to any federal officer. The making of a false statement to a federal officer in the course of his duties is itself a separate federal crime. In fact, even the denial of wrongdoing to a federal officer could be interpreted as a false statement and subject the individual to prosecution for merely making a false statement, or to additional sentencing for obstruction of justice.