Isaacs, Devasia, Castro & Wien LLP Organizes the Unorganized

December 7, 2020 – Today, Isaacs, Devasia, Castro & Wien LLP’s client, the National Association of Transportation Supervisors (“NATS”) was certified by the New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission (“PERC”) as the collective bargaining agent for over a hundred formerly unrepresented employees at New Jersey Transit in the Foreman I and Foreman II titles.

Isaacs, Devasia, Castro & Wien LLP has a wealth of experience assisting its union clients to “organize the unorganized.” During 2018 and 2019 Isaacs, Devasia, Castro & Wien LLP client, the United Transit Leadership Organization (“UTLO”), was certified by the New York Public Employment Relations Board (“PERB”) to represent nearly one thousand employees at several subsidiaries of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority in spite of the employers’ classification of them as “managers” where applicable law excludes managers from union eligibility.

During 2019, Isaacs, Devasia, Castro & Wien LLPsecured representation rights by NATS for several employee titles at the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail. In the process, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) overruled the employer’s claim that the employees were “supervisors” which would have excluded them from eligibility for representation under the National Labor Relations Act.

Isaacs, Devasia, Castro & Wien LLP attorney Howard Wien represented NATS at PERC and the NLRB and represented UTLO at PERB in these matters.