Isaacs Devasia Castro & Wien LLP Fights to Keep Essential Workers’ Time Off.

The pandemic showed how important essential workers are. The truth is, they always were. They fought for us when we needed them most, working long hours risking their and their family’s health. That is particularly why their time off is important and sacred. 

In May 2021 the City eliminated the use of compensatory time off for its Fire Alarm Dispatchers; it was previously two slots per shift per borough. IDC&W jumped into action, the next day filing an action in Court seeking a restraining order. Within days, without need for a court order, based upon the strength and persuasiveness of our arguments, the City, and IDC&W and our client resolved the matter ensuring that the Fire Alarm Dispatchers’ compensatory time off was preserved. This City also agreed to grant all prior requests for compensatory time that were denied.

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