IDCWLaw Negotiates a 5 Year Contract for Municipal Workers With No Give Backs and a COVID Bonus.

For decades, IDC&W Law has helped unions collectively bargain with employers, negotiating long and short term contracts in both the public and private sectors.  Recently, we successfully negotiated a five year contract for a municipal union, with 13.67% total wage increases, compounded over the term, plus an additional hourly wage increase for three of the five year term.  Certain increases were obtained for shift differential and longevity  payments as well as a 25% increase in sick leave.  Last, employees who retire with 10 to 15 years receive 50% health insurance coverage, which increases at 20 years retirement.  A one-time COVID bonus was also secured for qualifying members who worked during the height of the pandemic.

Not only did the relevant legislature ratify that contract, but the membership did as well with over 90% voting YES.

The union was represented by IDC&W Law Partner Steven Isaacs.